SiO2 International Inc. offers the latest, innovative, safe and efficient SiO2 Ultra Thin Coatings. Our superior American made products are cost effective – saving you the added cost of importing foreign products.

We are well-positioned to support our global customers. Learn more about SiO2 products by contacting one of our worldwide locations.

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It has come to our attention that there are companies misrepresenting themselves as distributors or agents offering SiO2 Technology. Unless SiO2’s International Inc.’s logo is clearly marked on their website, they have not been authorize to use our name, photos or marketing. Please contact us directly for the real SiO2 Technology.


Our Strategic Priorities – How We Bring Our Vision and Values to Life

SiO2 Coatings – A New Choice for A Greener Tomorrow
We offer an environmentally safer and more effective alternative. Super phobic, abrasion resistant, easy clean, stain resistant, anti microbial, static resistant, long lasting, and more… our technology offers characteristics not found in typical products used in industry today.

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Product Advancement – Good Chemistry
Our philosophy of creating safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly products, SiO2 International Inc. are global leaders in safe molecular coatings. Revolutionary and innovative, we offer proprietary products to our Clients, Partners and their industries.

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Forming Partnerships for Sustainable Growth
Innovation continues to drive the growth of SiO2 International Inc. Our sustainability strategy to create long-term relationships with our partners is essential in delivering successful outcomes which we embrace and build on.

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