SiO2_Testing_Results_oct_2015_iconSiO2 Technology Passes All The Tests

October 2015 – SiO2 International Inc. continues to work with its Clients to establish itself as a leader in a wide range of industries. It takes seriously the Standards that are imperative to their industries, and is proud to offer the latest alternative coating Technology that will give our Clients a competitive edge. By acquiring the testing tools internally, and confirming its results with independent certified 3rd party laboratories, SiO2 International Inc. establishes itself as a leaders in new, cutting edge alternative products that are not only more effective, but respectful to the environment and human health. Learn more



They Protect Us – We Protect Them

soldier_webpageSiO2 International Inc. Helps Protect The U.S. Military’s Most Important Assets 
- Its People

The U.S. military is made up of the most dedicated and most respected men and women in the world. Armed service personnel are committed to defending America and to supporting U.S. foreign policy commitments.

Highly trained members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are on the front lines of U.S. peacekeeping operations, on the ground in countries devastated by disease and are responsible for first response plans and for training local forces and personnel to deal with hazardous material spills, water shortages, fire issues and natural disasters.

Because we put our service personnel in harms way we do our utmost to protect them. We provide them the latest equipment and technology that includes the latest products that keep them safe and healthy. SiO2 International Inc, assists in the protection of our front line troops.

By-OfferingFollowing ten years of independent research, SiO2 International Inc. has developed undetectable SiO2 Ultra Thin coatings that keep uniforms and other fabric surfaces water and stain resistant and also reduce bacteria and virus exposure. When the U.S. military, the National Guard and our volunteer services assist in areas of fire and fire damage, SiO2 International Inc. offers the best in anti fire technologies. Uniforms and other fabric surfaces will not combust, even when exposed to extreme heat and flame. Heat transfer through the uniform is greatly reduced as well, further protecting service personnel.

SiO2 International Inc. does this with our safe, environmentally respectful, non-toxic, water based, nano particle free Technology. SiO2 Ultra Thin Coatings are undetectable and will not change the color or feel of treated fabrics or other substrates, but will change the characteristics of the surface. Treated surfaces become super phobic to water, oil, solvents, acids, ethanol, etc., are stain, mud, dirt and abrasion resistant and increase the lifespan of the fabric. Uniforms are easy to clean and can be washed in cold water with reduced amounts of cleaning agents further increasing the life span of the uniform while decreasing the impact on the environment.

The inclusion of our EPA certified safe, SiO2 anti microbial additive offers additional protection by controlling problem bacteria and viruses. SiO2 International Inc. does this all with one invisible coating made from safe, fully understood silicon dioxide molecules and equally safe additives.

No toxins, no VOC’s, no controversial ingredients, American made safe uniform protection for our service men and women on any front line.

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Jason Tetro Joins the SiO2 Team


Bruce_Johnston_Jason_Tetro_smallGerm Correspondent and best selling author of The Germ Code – Jason “the Germ Guy” Tetro joins the SiO2 International team to keep us safe.

Microbiologist and author Jason Tetro has joined forces with SiO2 International Inc. to seek the best solution to the pathogen paradox. “Most germs are our friends, and very important to our well being” says Tetro, “but there are about 1450 types of bacteria of the tens of thousands of beneficial microbes that can cause illness. Of those, an even smaller number, about a dozen, find their way into hospitals, food processing plants, nursing homes, and other sensitive environments where they can cause not only infections, but chaos. Hand hygiene is the first line of defense but compliance can wane and so a passive route to keeping pathogens at bay is needed. I have continually searched for this means and feel that technologies like SiO2′s Ultra Thin Layers are the way of the future. They are safe to the environment and offer an easy-to-clean characteristic allowing for the easy removal of these transient terrors on treated surfaces. By helping to minimize soiling using surface stabilizing solutions, this goal will become a reality.”