SiO2 Technology

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Our SIO2 Technology is based on molecules of silicon dioxide (Si02) or quartz glass. Sand at the beach and the stone around us are made of Si02. Our technology is inert, meaning it comes from the earth and returns with no ill effects. This makes our technology safe to the environment. Silicon dioxide is also found in vegetables, water and beer, and is considered a safe food additive by the FDA. (FDA CFR-Title 21, Chapter 1, Subchapter B, Part 172, Subpart E, Sec. 172.480) Unlike other coatings that perform in similar ways, we do not use controversial lab engineered nanoparticles in our technology. We assemble safe Si02 molecules to form a matrix glass layer between the environment and the surface. It is undetectable and long lasting.

Our coatings do not change the color or finish of your surface.

SIO2 Coatings are quick and easy to apply by spraying, wiping or dipping the article to be treated. No special equipment or vacuum chambers are needed. Protected surfaces become superhydrophobic and superoleophobic, and resistant to staining and abrasion. Because our glass layers will allow treated substrates to breath, application to stone, wood and fabrics is possible. We offer treatments for almost all surfaces and protection for tens of years in some environments is possible. This technology has won environmental awards for it’s low impact on the environment and most products we offer contain no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

SIO2 Coatings are highly resistant to acids, alkaline and solvents. We recommend that treated surfaces be maintained with water only, reducing the need for soaps and chemical cleaners which find their way to waterways and landfill sites. Our treatments are imperceptible, will not discolor or change the sheen of a surface, which is one of the most important characteristics for many of our clients. Our regular coatings are bacteriostatic (biostatic) so they resist the formation of biofilms, bacteria, algae, and mold. (See Silver vs Ionic Exchange) SIO2 International offers Antimicrobial variants, which inhibit the growth of microbes by incorporating safe, non-leaching antimicrobial technologies, exterminating problem bacteria in minutes.

We use no silver, toxic chemicals (including triclosan, sodium pyrithion, benzalkonium chloride) or phenols in our antimicrobial coatings.

Please see the Characteristics of our coatings on the Products page.