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Germ Correspondent Joins the SiO2 Team to Keep Us Safe.

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Germ Correspondent and best selling author of The Germ Code – Jason “the Germ Guy” Tetro joins the SiO2 International team to keep us safe.

Bruce_Johnston_Jason_Tetro_smallMicrobiologist and author Jason Tetro has joined forces with SiO2 International Inc. to seek the best solution to the pathogen paradox. “Most germs are our friends, and very important to our well being” says Tetro, “but there are about 1450 types of bacteria of the tens of thousands of beneficial microbes that can cause illness. Of those, an even smaller number, about a dozen, find their way into hospitals, food processing plants, nursing homes, and other sensitive environments where they can cause not only infections, but chaos. Hand hygiene is the first line of defense but compliance can wane and so a passive route to keeping pathogens at bay is needed. I have continually searched for this means and feel that technologies like SiO2′s Ultra Thin Layers are the way of the future. They are safe to the environment and offer an easy-to-clean characteristic allowing for the easy removal of these transient terrors on treated surfaces. By helping to minimize soiling using surface stabilizing solutions, this goal will become a reality.”