SiO2 Currency PROTECT

Coating-on-banknote-mediumKeeps Bank Notes Clean and Controls Problem Microbes

-Product is in development

It is well known that currency is one of the dirtiest surfaces in the world. Money travels many miles and is touched by hands with varying degrees of cleanliness. A Southern Journal Report states that 94% of American dollar bills contain pathogens known to cause illness to humans and that paper money carries more germs than the common toilet. It also showed that a live flu virus could survive on paper currency for up to 17 days. Adding to the problem are ATM’s whose brushes and rollers distribute these problem microbes to the next user of the machine.

Further, the U.S. Treasury Department states that a one-dollar bill is estimated to last 5.8 years in circulation but in reality its lifespan is about 18 months. To replace used one- dollar bills, 16,650,000 are printed each day at cost of 4.2 per note. A considerable sum to the Treasuries annual budget.

SiO2 International Inc. has a coating that will assist the Currency industry. By replacing the toxic solvent based printing varnish used by the 40 or so companies that print currency daily, SiO2’s Currency PROTECT will keep the bank notes cleaner and reduce the bacterial load found on American currency by using our EPA registered safe anti microbial additive. Also SiO2 Currency PROTECT will increase the lifespan of the bank note so fewer would need to be printed, reducing costs to the Treasury.

Our competitively priced, water based variant is non toxic, VOC free, abrasion resistant and will control bacteria using our safe additive. SiO2 Currency PROTECT will also reduce costs to the Treasury and to currency printers by reducing the hazards associated with using toxic, solvent based, antiquated printing varnishes.