hand_mark_on_glassDelivering an Innovation Solution to the Health Care Industry

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Silicon dioxide (SiO2) is the most abundant mineral on earth and its molecules are found in the food we eat and water we drink. They have amazing properties when manipulated into an invisible protective layer offered exclusively by SiO2 International Inc.. We use these safe, fully understood natural building blocks to develop our Coating Technology.

Every year, international health care systems are taxed by controllable infection outbreaks. HAI’s (hospital acquired infections) cause 100,000 deaths annually and increases health care costs into the billions of dollars in the USA alone. Many of these infections are caused by improper hand hygiene where contaminated hands carry pathogens from one patient to another. SiO2 Hand PROTECT can reduce these risks.

Safe to the flora of skin, SiO2 Hand PROTECT can assist where other therapies fail. By including Hand PROTECT into the existing hand hygiene regime of the hospital, another layer of protection can be added to safeguard the patient.

We recommend the use of SiO2 Hand PROTECT in health care facilities, food manufacturing, food prep., elder care, home care and where ever clean hands are a necessity. Simple to apply, safe to human health and the environment, SiO2 Hand PROTECT controls pathogens and microbes for up to 24 hours and reduces the instances of microbial transfer from one surface to another.