SiO2 Hotel Bed Bug PROTECT

54168464_bed_bug_smallGetting Rid of Bed Bugs Safely

-Product is in development

In the early days of bed bug control, toxic materials were used successfully to control their numbers. Since the 1970’s, we have witnessed a comeback due to the elimination of these toxic chemicals, and the resistance developed by recent generations of these parasites. Most of us have the ability to avoid massive invasions of bed bugs, but many people living in poorer areas, or in crowded living quarters, etc., are more likely for chronic infestation.

How did bed bugs become such an problem? It is very simple. –They have become stronger. The products that used to kill them are no longer effective and we are not allowed to use stronger insecticides that may do the job. –They have become a global problem because we have become global. We travel much more that we used to and they simply hop a ride in our luggage or elsewhere on our person. –Our cities have higher densities of people which makes it difficult to control them. You may get rid of them, but if the neighbor in the apartment next door is not dealing with his infestation, they will be back. –We like to save money. Our society has become a second hand market and we look for deals. By purchasing used furniture and other household items, we get more than we bargained for.

SiO2 International has developed a coating that will assist with these insects.  SiO2′s Hotel PROTECT includes four Technologies formulated into one easy to apply, safe, environmentally respectful product that will reduce and kill bed bug populations while eliminating dust mites that cause allergic reactions. Hotel PROTECT will keep surfaces clean, hydrophobic, stain resistant, abrasion resistant, reduce static and will not allow the surface to combust (protection up to 3000 degrees C).