SiO2 Monument PROTECT

iStock_000042529936_closeWhen Preservation is Needed

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The moral and ethical understanding needed to apply a coating to monuments and culturally sensitive surfaces is paramount for the success of the treatment.

The Scientists at the SiO2 Laboratory who have developed our SiO2 Technology have this understanding by education and practice. They are experts in Historic preservation. This gives SiO2 International Inc. the ability to partner with this very important industry.

SiO2 Technology is based on safe, fully understood molecules of silicon dioxide. Our Technology consists of the same molecules found in the stone of the monuments that need protecting. This immediately alleviates compatibility issues. A simple application of our Technology to stone performs many tasks. It consolidates the surface. This means that it will decrease or even eliminate the degradation of the monument. It protects from environmental decay and water damage. It will control mould, mildew, algae, lichen, and discoloration. It is undetectable and will keep the surface clean. Our easy to apply, 0 VOC, water based Monument PROTECT allows easy cleaning of the sensitive surface and can last in the 10’s of years before re-application. See Historic Preservation.

Treatments designed to protect monuments in the past have only exacerbated the problems they were trying to solve. SiO2 Monument PROTECT is formulated by Scientists educated and trained in this culturally important industry. This fact alone gives SiO2 the expertise needed to address the monumental problem of slowly disintegrating cultural artifacts found in every country globally.