seedlingA New Choice for a Greener tomorrow

-Product is in beta format (available for testing) 

Imagine growing plants without the use of chemical fertilizers that pollute soil and the water table. Imagine these same plants grow more rapidly and fewer are lost from the caustic nature of soil. Imagine growing stronger plants with less water. Imagine growing plants in areas that are inhospitable to agriculture. Imagine that areas that have one growing season, now have the ability to grow crops twice annually. SiO2 Seed PROTECT makes this possible.

Our proprietary SiO2 Seed PROTECT is VOC free and treats the seed with a coating of safe silicon dioxide molecules – the same molecules found in the seed itself. The coating encapsulates the seed in a protective barrier that prevents mould and mildew issues, and acts as a fertilizer to assist in its growth.

The use of SiO2 Seed PROTECT will eliminate the need for traditional chemical fertilizers that are ineffective due to hydrolysis, decomposition, degradation due to photosynthesis, expensive and can leach into the soil causing health issues. SiO2 Seed PROTECT acts as an individual super fertilizer that targets each individual seed without waste, and protects it against the caustic nature of soil.

SiO2 Seed PROTECT has the amazing ability to:

  • increase germination,
  • enhance root size,
  • increase shoot length by more than 60%,
  • expedite cotyledon growth,
  • increase seed vigor,
  • increase yield per acre, and
  • decrease mould and mildew issues.

All in one simple application.