building-with-windowsMeeting Today’s Energy’s Challenges

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The cost of maintaining the temperature in buildings and homes is increasing every year. Designers of our older buildings didn’t consider the future costs to maintain comfortable room temperatures but businesses and families are dealing with these issues now. The cost to retrofit older buildings to make them energy efficient is one reason for the growth of the building contractor industry.

The inefficiency of older windows is a large part of the problem which is why we are seeing double and even triple pane windows surrounded by inert gases. What is not considered is the invisible spectrum. In hotter climates, UV and infrared energy  pass through glass and stimulate interior air molecules heating the air. The result is increased cooling costs.  SO2 International can assist by reducing the cost to maintain a comfortable temperature in buildings and homes.

Easy to apply, SiO2’s UV PROTECT can greatly reduce the UV and infrared issue while it rejects soiling elements, acids and environmental decay. Its self cleaning attribute will reduce maintenance costs and will safeguard precious surfaces from sunlight exposure.

Reduced energy and maintenance costs. SiO2 UV PROTECT offers these benefits and many more.