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Innovative Solutions

Environmentally Respectful, Safe to Use and Cost Effective, SiO2 Ultra Thin Coatings will lessen the need for chemical cleaners while offering an extra level of protection never before available in the North American market.

Our molecular quartz glass technology is replacing macro commodities of yesterday and is being introduced to industry in ways we could never have imagined. SiO2 Technology can guard vintage stone from environmental decay for years and protect sensitive medical devices from problem bacteria. It can keep the glass of mobile phones shining and water resistant and can increase the lifespan of food prep tables. Elevators can be left easy to clean and resistant to fingerprints, while the most delicate of silks can become super hydrophobic and stain resistant. SiO2 Technology has the ability to make changes for the better. We offer change without the controversial nano particles found in our competitors’ coatings, or toxic substances of older compounds.

SiO2 Ultra Thin Coatings are undetectable and will not change the color or feel of treated fabrics or other substrates, but will change the characteristics of the surface. Here is a list of attributes found in all our SiO2 products.

We use safe, understood ingredients in our products for surfaces in all industries.