Historic Preservation

BhuddaBecause our technology allows protected surfaces to breath, stone, wood and other surfaces will not be damaged by the application of SiO2 products. Application of our technology can be done over a freshly cleaned and damp surface, expediting the treatment process. SiO2 Liquid Glass coats all the features of the surface and will not “fill” the surface the way macro coatings do. Because our coatings are flexible up to 200%, they allow for the natural expansion/contraction of exterior surfaces, which is profoundly important to its preservation. The growth of algae, lichen and mold are resisted by the treatments natural cationic attribute while its easy clean characteristic continues to keep the surface looking clean and well maintained. Some of the most important international monuments are being protected by this technology.

Examples of SiO2 Preservation usage:

  • historical artifacts
  • government buildings
  • war graves
  • historical artifacts
  • churches
  • church ceiling art

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