glass_manufacturing_425x270Versatile and with an infinite range of applications, SiO2′s ultra thin coatings have a potential use in every conceivable industry. Our treatments allow industry to apply a molecular layer of super durable, super-phobic, highly flexible quartz glass to almost any surface. It is composed exclusively of silicon dioxide (Si02) the chief element in quartz, contains no engineered particles of matter (nano particles) and is environmentally benign. This is a significant advantage over older products containing persistent organic pollutants (POPs) that linger in the environment long after use. SiO2 Technology may be used as part of the manufacturing process or as a refinement to finished products.

Examples of industry/manufactured surface usage:

  • stainless steel work & food prep tables
  • exterior signage
  • shopping carts
  • flooring in public & food prep areas
  • ovens
  • exhaust systems
  • heat tables & mixing vats
  • rubber, stainless & polymer conveyors systems

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