Coating Solutions

Our expertise comes from extensive R&D, education and over 25 years of experience developing the coatings we offer. SiO2 Ultra Thin Coatings feature a vast range of inherent characteristics and our custom formulations are refined to meet your needs.


No Resins, Adhesives or Toxic Substances

Our Coatings are Available in Ready-to-Use or Concentrate for the Following Surfaces:

  Water-based         Solvent-based        Available in our SiO2 PROTECT and Industrial categories.


Alloy metals (stainless steel,
copper, etc.)
Antifingerprint available.


For silicate based surfaces.
GRC products available.


For all plastics (HDPE, LDPE,
plexi, GRP, etc.)



Expedites growth and
increases yield with little
water and no fertilizers.

Textile and Shoe

For natural and man made

Shoe Protection available.


Control pathogens on
all surfaces.

Glass and Ceramic

For float glass, windscreens,
showers, etc.


Screens and Lenses

For all devices and lenses
(phones, laptops, tablets,
eyewear, cameras, etc.)


For most surfaces.
New uses found everyday.

Mobile Phone
Disinfectant for

Proprietary –
for glass and plastic.

For all surfaces.
No residue, removes bio load.

We're here to help you decide which coating will work best for your specific needs.



Antimicrobial Products

Developed Without the Use of Leaching Agents or Poisons.
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Custom Formulations

High-Performing SiO2 Ultra Thin Coatings Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs.
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We Pass International Tests

Recognized Standards Followed by Our Clients and Their Industries.
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Natural Attributes Found in Many of Our SiO2 Coatings


• easy-to-apply
• VOC free
• food safe & skin friendly
• invisible
• safe to the environment
• long lasting & durable
• anti-sticking characteristics
• easy cleaning
• will not change color or sheen
• air permeable
• quick drying
• bacteriostatic
• oleophobic
• hydrophobic
• superphobic

Resistant to:

• soil & stains
• bacteria & other microbes
• mold & algae
• ultraviolet (UV) rays
• acid and alkaline
• abrasion
• hydrolysis
• pressure washing
• staining
• frost
• vapour cleaners
• oxidation

Full Service and Private Labeling

We offer our SiO2 Ultra Thin Coatings in single use sachets, bottles, drums and totes where pick up can be made from our manufacturing plant.

Based on your brand guidelines, package design from creative conception through to final production can be provided. We assist with customized SDS sheets, marketing strategy, design of marketing materials and shipping.