For Industrial and Commercial use

SiO2 Technology contains no chemicals, resins, adhesives or toxic substances. Its inherent characteristics include the ability to control problem microbes safely with a sustainable, VOC free, molecular quartz glass coating.

SiO2_RTU_products-437x234At SiO2 International Inc., we specialize in offering custom formulations to our clients. Our Ready-to-Use surface products are available for most surfaces in our PROTECT and Industrial variants. Our Antimicrobial and environmentally-friendly, safe, non-toxic Fire Inhibitor technology is also offered for many surfaces.

SiO2 PROTECT and Industrial

Most of our SiO2 PROTECT and Industrial products are water based. SiO2 industrial variants are longer wearing, more robust, concentrated and have been developed for our industrial clients. 0 VOC formulations are also available. See also Industrial and Commercial.

Learn more about the attributes found in all our SiO2 products.

We offer the service to adjust any attribute of our existing Ready-to-Use (RTU) products based on quantity ordered.

Products Available

Product Name Application
(water based)
Our most effective Universal Textile product for every type of fabric including leather.
Textile Industrial-H
(water based)
Textile Industrial is utilized during the manufacturing process. It requires heat to cure.
Glass/Ceramic PROTECT For most glass, ceramics, tiles, porcelain, and other glazed surfaces.
(water based)
We offer Glass PROTECT-W for same surfaces as above but in a water based formulation.
(water based)
For all porous silicate based surfaces, i.e. concrete, marble, limestone, travertine, granite, etc. Grout will dry through this coating.
(water based)
For all polished silicate based surfaces, i.e. granite, marble, onyx, etc. Grout will dry through this coating.
Phone PROTECT Our Phone PROTECT will protect PCB’s, electronics, and phones from water damage.
Plastic PROTECT Use on all plastics, including HDPE, LDPE, etc.
(water based)
An effective water based alternative to our Plastic PROTECT
Metal PROTECT For use on alloy metals i.e. stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc.
Fingerprint PROTECT For use on alloy and architectural specialty metals
(water based)
Protects paper from water damage, staining, oils, chemicals, etc.
(water based)
For use on all Shoe and Boot surfaces.
Universal PROTECT
(water based)
Universal PROTECT was developed to allow our clients one coating that will protect most surfaces.