Custom Formulations

SmartphoneAt SiO2 International, we formulate the innovative high tech coatings we offer our clients. Because we understand the technology and its specialized processes, it can be customized to meet your needs. We are capable of incorporating other technologies or can increase/decrease our technologies inherent characteristics.

We can even simplify access to your SiO2 customized variant by developing strategic manufacturing partners in your area to supply your needs, reducing costs and giving more control to you. We are able to offer this service because we are the creators of our compounds and understand our technology down to the molecular level.

We develop the products we offer and have the expertise that’s needed to manipulate the characteristics of our technology to your requirements. We have the science background but more importantly, we have years of developing this technology into the products we offer today.

Our blog Latest from the Lab informs our clients about our developments.

At SiO2 International, we are not distributors for foreign companies. Our clients talk with the people that make their coatings.