Water-and-oil-droplet-on-travertineCustom Coatings
We offer custom variants that can have many or few characteristics. Whether it is water resistance on car seat material, abrasion resistance on stone countertops or bacterial control on public surfaces, we will formulate a coating that can offer these and many other attributes.

Private Labeling
Our private labeling solution allows you to market our coatings as your own product. We understand that our agents and clients are experts in their markets, and by providing them with our coatings in a convenient and cost effective manner, they focus on the important part of business, sales. They will have the ability to leverage our certifications on their labeling.

We at SiO2 International do our best to facilitate accessibility to our technology by our agents and clients. We develop strategically placed and trusted partners in the refinement and manufacturing of our coatings. These partners are local to the agent or client and supply their needs directly. Our business model allows easy and rapid access to our technology and reduces shipping costs, keeping more money in your company.

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